Adrian Wojnarowski Explains Why Lakers Don’t Want Bronny

Adrian Wojnarowski Explains Why Lakers Don’t Want Bronny

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the NBA’s busier teams heading into the 2024 Trade Deadline.

In recent weeks they have been linked to everyone ranging from a blockbuster trade for a superstar to an interesting offer to the Golden State Warriors that was ultimately rejected to a possible Austin Reaves swap.

That being said, this week ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski touched on a more long-term prospect – Bronny James being drafted by the Lakers.

This week, Wojnarowski explained why Bronny-to-L.A. likely isn’t in the cards.

“There’s two ways to look at that,” Wojnarowski said.

“Yeah, trying to get him drafted by the Lakers or is there a situation for a young player, going to a team that is more of a developmental team that develops players? The Lakers are not a developmental program, they are a win-now program. So, what’s going to be best for Bronny James? What he wants, what they want as an organization.”

The primary reason the Lakers would even consider adding Bronny is to appease LeBron, but according to Wojnarowski, that may not be necessary.

Adrian Wojnarowski Explains Why Lakers Don’t Want Bronny 1

“I don’t know if it’s as cut and dry as all of it is around the idea of whether he can play with him or not,” Wojnarowski added.

“I’m not sure that’s all that’s at stake here. Maybe it’s a factor but I do think for Bronny James — if he’s out this year — the idea of what’s the best place for him too.”

Adrian Wojnarowski Explains Why Lakers Don’t Want Bronny 2

There has been a lot of chatter in recent years about LeBron and Bronny playing together.

But at the moment that feels like a longshot.

Could it happen? Sure. Is that where the smart money is, though? Probably not.

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