Lakers’ Surprising Trade Offer To Warriors Revealed

Lakers’ Surprising Trade Offer To Warriors Revealed

The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors are two of the more underwhelming teams in the NBA this season.

Despite both coming into the year with championship aspirations and rosters that looked capable of competing, neither is doing particularly well at the moment.

L.A. is 21-22 and presently sits 10th in the West. Golden State is 18-22 and finds itself 12th in the West.

Understandably, both teams are expected to be active ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. The latter has been linked to one blockbuster trade, whereas the former has been connected in recent days to everything from a superstar to a Hall of Famer to one particular role player.

As it turns out, though – a potential swap between Los Angeles and Golden State was discussed at some point as well.

During a recent ‘Hoops Tonight’ episode with NBA insider Jason Timpf, it was revealed that the Lakers apparently presented the Warriors with something of an interesting trade offer.

“I heard that the Lakers called Golden State at some point and offered D’Angelo Russell for Andrew Wiggins,” he said.

Wiggins’ girlfriend has been posting a lot of cryptic messages on social media recently. This would certainly explain why.

Obviously there are some blanks missing from the proposal that might clarify why the Lakers would want Wiggins. Especially since, for all his troubles, Russell currently has way more value on the trade market.

That said – the offer does speak to where both teams stand on Russell and Wiggins. Both the Lakers and Warriors view each as expendable ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

Over the next few weeks rumors will only continue to intensify.

Will the Lakers or Warriors be able to make a big move ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline? An answer one way or another will come soon enough.

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