Aaron Rodgers To Jets Trade Blocked By Single Major Obstacle

Aaron Rodgers To Jets Trade Blocked By Single Major Obstacle

A trade between the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers centered around Aaron Rodgers seemed inevitable just a few weeks ago.

Although things still seem to be progressing in a positive direction on that front, it feels like momentum has slowed substantially.

At the moment, one major obstacle appears to stand in the way of a deal getting done.

That obstacle?

According to Dan Granziano of ESPN, the big issue right now is what the Jets will return to the Packers in this proposed deal.

“The issue is the compensation package going Green Bay’s way from the Jets,” the report read.

“After talking to multiple sources in Phoenix, I do not believe the Packers are insisting on the Jets’ first-round pick (No. 13 overall), and I think that the high second-round pick they got from Cleveland in the Elijah Moore trade could be a key to getting this done.”

The primary hesitation on New York’s side, understandably, is that its relatively uncertain how much longer Rodgers plans to play. There is only so much you can give up for a rental.

“The Jets have expressed to the Packers throughout this process that their major concern was how long they’ll have Rodgers, and not wanting to overpay for a player who might only be there for one year,” Granziano continued.

Where Rodgers’ head is at long-term is a valid question. These days, he seems far more interested in partying with his young girlfriend than winning Super Bowls.

That doesn’t mean he won’t still play at an MVP level in 2023-24, it just means you have to be careful how much you bet on him.

One way or another, it feels like there is too much momentum here for nothing to get done. New York passed on other quarterback options in free agency to make it work. The deal falling apart now would be a full-blown calamity for them.

Plus, at least one prominent wide receiver is holding off on signing with them until a resolution to this matter is reached.

The Jets need to get Rodgers to New York.

It’s just a matter of how much the Packers will extort out of them to get it done.

What will the Jets’ final bill for Rodgers ultimately look like? Time will tell.

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