8 NFL Teams Trying To Sign Tom Brady

8 NFL Teams Trying To Sign Tom Brady

8 NFL Teams Trying To Sign Tom Brady

There are 8 NFL teams currently trying to sign Tom Brady, with free agency officially commencing in just a few days.

On March 18, the league will officially turn into a free for all. Teams looking for talent and stars looking for new homes will collide in a mishmash of desperation and money.

One of the most interesting questions heading into free agency is where Brady will land.

There have been conflicting reports on everything ranging from how much the Patriots want to retain him to whether multiple teams in the league are genuinely interested in signing him.

This week, ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler reported that at minimum eight teams are interested in pursuing Brady this offseason.

“At least 8 teams have informally inquired about Tom Brady’s services,” he said.

“The Bucs are big-game hunting, the Raiders, the Chargers, the Colts.

“Most execs I speak to still expect Tom Brady to go back to New England, but he is keeping an open mind. He has shot nobody down and so everybody really thinks they have a chance.”

After all the hype and speculation over the past few months, it will be interested to see where Brady eventually decides to go when it comes time to put pen to paper.

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