76ers Reveal 1 Team Has Players They’d Trade Ben Simmons For

76ers Reveal 1 Team Has Players They’d Trade Ben Simmons For

The Philadelphia 76ers have until February 10th to trade Ben Simmons. If they fail to do so, he will remain with the team until the end of this season.

Part of the problem in moving Simmons to date has been the 76ers’ unwillingness to budge off their asking price. The front office has been so adamant about it, in fact, that the Golden State Warriors hung up the phone on them when they heard it.

One team that has been linked to possibly making something happen for Simmons in recent days has been the Sacramento Kings.

That said, questions regarding whether they have the necessary assets persisted.

This week, Daryl Morey answered that question very bluntly:

If the Sixers don’t trade him, Simmons refuses to take the court this year. Not even allegedly beginning to run out of cash has changed his position on that.

Simmons has made it clear that he is interested in joining one specific squad, but at this point he’d probably take anywhere that isn’t Philly.

Will the Kings ultimately be able to get something done for the 25-year-old star? Time will tell.

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