76ers’ Most Recent Demand In Potential James Harden, Clippers Trade

76ers’ Most Recent Demand In Potential James Harden, Clippers Trade

The Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers are engaged in serious trade talks centering around James Harden.

Over the past month and change it has been the NBA’s worst kept secret that L.A. is the only team actually interested in acquiring Harden.

The front office went so far as to get Kawhi Leonard’s input on whether they should pull the trigger, so clearly they are serious.

One issue has persisted, though – the asking price. Philly had its sights set on two of the Clippers’ key role players. And so far, a middle ground hasn’t been reached.

That may now be changing.

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, a compromise may be nearing.

“League sources say the Clippers have been talking to several teams about ways to move pick swaps for additional draft capital with the intention of bolstering their offer and getting a deal done,” Amick wrote.

“The Clippers offered the Sixers an unprotected first-round pick, a pick swap and salaries for Harden in July, league sources say, but Philadelphia has set a much higher threshold. The Sixers have valued fifth-year forward Terance Mann.”

Mann and picks is obviously very different from what Philly initially demanded in any potential trade centering around Harden.

Things seem to be moving in a positive direction. And you can tell that is the case based on Harden going from openly mocking Daryl Morey at the club to him suddenly showing up at camp and not raising any issues.

But obviously the truce established here is a very delicate one.

If Harden at any point feels like the Sixers are no longer actively trying to trade him to the Clippers, he could revert to being the way he was just a month ago.

One way or another, progress is being made. Will it be enough to land Harden with the Clippers? Time will tell.

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