49ers Star Reacts To Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

49ers Star Reacts To Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

49ers Star Reacts To Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

A 49ers star reacted to Jimmy Garoppolo trade rumors on the heels of San Francisco’s disappointing Super Bowl LIV defeat.

Heading into the NFL championship game, many had the same assessment.

The Niners had a far superior defense to the one the Kansas City Chiefs brought to the table. So long as the offense could produce at a reasonable pace, this game was extremely winnable for Kyle Shanahan’s side.

Unfortunately, the offense simply could not produce.

Although San Francisco’s defense did an admirable job of holding off Patrick Mahomes and Co. for as long as it could, repeated conservative play on the part of Shanahan and Garoppolo ultimately cost their team the championship.

At one point in that outing, with a commanding lead in the fourth quarter, the 49ers literally had a 95.3 percent chance of emerging with a victory.

Obviously that did not end up happening.

After the loss, many began to call on San Francisco to trade or cut Garoppolo.

The rationale was that he was a weak link that would be a roadblock for future title runs, no matter how good the rest of the team was.

Some even went so far as to call for the Niners to sign soon-to-be free agent Tom Brady, and then trade Garoppolo back to New England where the Niners originally got him from.

Recently, 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk came out and addressed all that sort of talk.

In a Friday appearance on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, the fullback insisted that any and all shots at Garoppolo and Shanahan were misguided.

“Honestly that’s been one of the most frustrating parts of the whole loss, is seeing the criticism of Kyle and of Jimmy,” he said.

“Those are two guys that have absolutely nothing to prove to the rest of the guys in the locker room.”

In his estimation, Garoppolo actually had a really successful season – despite how it ended.

“You look at Jimmy, for people that are stats guys, 4,000 yards passing, better than a 2-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio, 70 percent completion, you just look at that, that’s a phenomenal quarterback,” he said.

“Anybody’s going to sign up for that early in the season. But for whatever reason, Jimmy just seems to get this extra criticism, this extra heat.

“But I think at one point in the game, he’s like 19 for 22, 180 yards and a touchdown.”

Juszczyk also noted that everyone on the team understands that narratives are just a part of football.

“That’s football, though. You just change one or two plays in a game and the whole dialogue changes, the whole narrative,” Juszczyk said.

“Like you said, if he completes that ball to Emmanuel (Sanders), we’re not talking about it.

“He’s Super Bowl MVP, we’re Super Bowl champions, Jimmy’s the next Tom Brady, all those things. That’s the new narrative. So it’s unfortunate that one or two plays can really change everyone’s outlook on someone.”

Juszczyk believes that one big thing San Francisco has going for it in the foreseeable future is chemistry.

“We have this chemistry in our locker room that’s really hard to explain unless you’re in there and you can experience it,” he said.

“We feel like we’ve already defied the odds. This team is something special”

Based on everything that Juszczyk said, it is clear the Niners still have a lot of support for Garoppolo. He is their quarterback, and he is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

It will be interesting to see what sort of ramifications that decision has in the coming years.

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  1. look at scoring defense. That’s what matters. Niners were celebrating with 10 minutes left like they didn’t even watch tape on Kansas City. Kansas City did to the Niners what they did to everyone else.

  2. I am so tired of this speculation crap about Tom Brady leave the man alone and quit jerking the fans! And as far as the SB hey, both teams can’t win and there was nothing wrong with Jimmy’s play. Good job Garropolo!

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