Kyle Shanahan Reacts To 49ers Cutting Jimmy Garoppolo

Kyle Shanahan Reacts To 49ers Cutting Jimmy Garoppolo

Kyle Shanahan Reacts To 49ers Cutting Jimmy Garoppolo

Kyle Shanahan reacted to the idea of the 49ers cutting Jimmy Garoppolo recently.

San Francisco lost to the Kansas City Chiefs this past weekend.

In the process, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes very clearly outplayed Garoppolo in a bad way.

As a result, many have taken to calling for Garoppolo’s departure.

The way Garoppolo’s frontloaded deal is structured, the Niners could easily waive him this year and not have to pay him any more money.

Then the team would be free to pursue a free agent quarterback star like Tom Brady.

This week, Shanahan came out and put an end to all of that talk.

Garoppolo is his man, and Shanahan feels like people are being very selective in their criticism of him.

As far as Shanahan is concerned, Garoppolo was actually on hi way to being the Super Bowl LIV MVP before the fourth quarter happened.

“Kyle Shanahan said nothing has changed when it comes to how he feels about QB Jimmy Garoppolo,” Nick Wagoner tweeted out recently.

“He said it’s ‘the same as it was the day before the Super Bowl.’ Felt Garoppolo was on his way to Super Bowl MVP before the final quarter.”

That should end the “cut Garoppolo” talk once and for all.

The 49ers have committed to the young quarterback and he is their offensive leader for the foreseeable future, for better or worse.

While it is hard to ignore Garoppolo’s weak showing in the championship game, it is worth remembering that Shanahan deserves some of the blame, too.

This is not the first team his conservative play calling has cost a team a Super Bowl.

Was Shanahan’s play calling conservative because he did not believe in Garoppolo? Maybe. But there is now way to know that for certain.

Either way, between San Francisco’s defense and quality overall coaching, the Niners will likely be a contender for many years to come.

Garoppolo will get a chance to redeem himself. And when he does, some of the conversations that were had this week will seem mighty foolish.

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  1. I don’t even like the 49ers. But Jimmy Garoppolo did a great job this year. And he did a phenomenal job just because he didn’t win the Super Bowl doesn’t mean you fire the fucker. Oh my God. What do you want to do start all over and wait another 10 years before you get a good quarterback again. ? I mean fuck you. Whoever calls for his firing and suck a dick.

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