49ers Star Has Message For Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh

49ers Star Has Message For Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh

49ers Star Has Message For Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh

A 49ers star has a message for Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

That message? Glad you are gone.

Cornerback Richard Sherman has made it no secret that he did not get along with Harbaugh.

The pair initially butted heads during their time as player and coach at Stanford, and things have only gone downhill from there.

“There is nothing to mend,” Sherman said of their relationship.

“The bridge was burned down, torn down and built another bridge at another place.

“But the bridge in this particular relationship will never be rebuilt. I don’t think he is interested in it, and I’m not interested in it.”

This week, at the Super Bowl, Sherman was once again asked about his relationship with Harbaugh.

“I wanted to put him out of the league,” he replied.

“And once I got that done, I had no animosity toward the 49ers organization.”

Sherman started his collegiate career as a wide receiver, but ultimately moved to cornerback at Harbaugh’s insistence.

Harbaugh coached the 49ers until the 2014 season, before ultimately accepting a head coaching job at Michigan.

Sherman was a member of the Seattle Seahawks from 2011 to 2017, before ultimately signing with San Francisco in 2018.

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