3 Russell Westbrook Frontrunners Emerge If He Leaves Clippers

3 Russell Westbrook Frontrunners Emerge If He Leaves Clippers

Russell Westbrook’s end-of-season run with the Los Angeles Clippers is viewed by many as one that saved his NBA future.

After a disastrous year and a half with the Los Angeles Lakers, the former league MVP looked on his way out of the league. His awkward fit alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis made many wonder whether he could gel with any set of teammates going forward.

The jabs his Lakers teammates took at him on his way out also didn’t enhance Westbrook’s stock in most people’s eyes.

That said, he meshed extremely well with the Clippers. While he, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George didn’t get a ton of time together, what little folks saw – they liked.

Westbrook is an unrestricted free agent this summer and many have been curious to see where he will ultimately end up.

This week, odds were revealed on where Westbrook will likely go if he opts to ditch Los Angeles.

3 Russell Westbrook Frontrunners Emerge If He Leaves Clippers 1

The New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs all make a ton of sense. The latter two squads expressed interest in bringing Westbrook onboard after the NBA Trade Deadline, and the Knicks have kicked the tires on a potential acquisition involving him for a long time.

Having a prolific offensive beast like Westbrook to alleviate some of the load from Victor Wembanyama’s shoulders in Year 1 could be a great way to allow the French big man to acclimate to the NBA.

Similarly, Westbrook’s skillset could serve him well in both Chicago and New York.

One way or another, Westbrook will be playing somewhere in the NBA come the 2023-24 season. Where will that “somewhere” be? Time will tell.

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