2020 SEC Tournament Betting Odds

2020 SEC Tournament Betting Odds

2020 SEC Tournament Betting Odds

On Monday, betting odds for the 2020 SEC Tournament were released. There were no particularly big surprises.

Heading into the big event, John Calipari and the Wildcats are the favorites at +175. Right behind Kentucky sits Auburn, who is +275.

From there the odds plummet pretty dramatically.

The Florida Gators, who are ranked fifth heading into the SEC Tournament, have the third best odds at +500. Then comes LSU at +550, Mississippi State at +1000 and Tennessee at +1200.

At +3300, the No. 6 seed South Carolina Gamecocks have worse odds than Alabama at +2500 and Arkansas at +2500, even though both teams are technically ranked lower heading into the tournament.

All that being said, the real question when it comes to conference tournaments is who will qualify for the Big Dance. As things stand, Kentucky, Auburn, Auburn, LSU and Florida are qualifying for the NCAA Tournament regardless of what happens this week.

Where the stakes really get high is for teams like Mississippi State. Barring a strong performance, it is difficult to see a scenario where the Bulldogs are an NCAA Tournament qualifier when it is all said and done.

A lot of questions about the SEC will answered this week. The conference tournament officially commences with a match-up between No. 12 ranked Ole Miss and No. 13 ranked Georgia on Wednesday.

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