2 NBA Teams Trying To Trade For Celtics’ Dennis Schroder

2 NBA Teams Trying To Trade For Celtics’ Dennis Schroder

The Boston Celtics have been one of the NBA’s more disappointing teams so far this year.

Sitting at 30-25 and eighth place in the East, this group has been in the headlines far more for its shortcomings than anything positive. Yes, they’ve strung together a five-game winning streak – but said victories have come against the likes of the Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons and New Orleans Pelicans.

Not exactly a bunch of world-beaters.

So how does Boston plan on improving its situation? By trading Dennis Schroder, it would appear.

According to Matt Moore of the Action Network, there are currently two teams working hard to acquire Schroder.

Those two teams: the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls.

“The Boston Celtics’ priority, according to multiple sources, is to clear salary to save on the luxury tax,” he wrote.

“There are two offers on the table for Dennis Schröder according to multiple sources, one from the Milwaukee Bucks and another from the Chicago Bulls. The other option is the annual Marcus Smart discussion that never leads to anything. They’ve looked at trading smart a dozen times in recent years and it never materializes. They can’t quit Marcus Smart.”

The Celtics need a lot of help, so if their sole objective right now is to save on the luxury tax instead of improving the roster, that’s pretty problematic.

To date there has been a lot of talk about trading Jaylen Brown and acquiring John Wall, but both of those moves seem like net negatives. They will not meaningfully help the Celtics became a top team in the East.

For better or worse, it feels like Boston’s front office doesn’t feel any urgency right now to upgrade the roster.

What does that mean for this squad moving forward? Nothing good.

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