2 NBA Teams Emerge As Very Legit Donovan Mitchell Trade Suitors

2 NBA Teams Emerge As Very Legit Donovan Mitchell Trade Suitors

The Utah Jazz’s deeply disappointing short playoff run this past year was not without consequences.

Longtime team head coach, Quin Snyder, opted to step down shortly after the season came to a close. His rationale for the move was self-explanatory.

Beyond that, chatter has intensified regarding the futures of the Jazz’s two best players: Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert.

Because the two deeply and unequivocally hate each other, it is clear that their partnership is untenable. One has to go.

This week, Matt Moore of the Action Network revealed that in his conversation with “league sources” Mitchell asking for a trade to a big market is viewed as an inevitability.

“As far as the idea of a Donovan Mitchell trade coming down the pike, league sources do feel that it’s a matter of ‘when and not if’ with Mitchell eventually asking to go to a ‘glamour market’ like New York or Miami,” he wrote.

“But in the short term, there’s skepticism it will happen. New Jazz owner Ryan Smith is said to be extremely dedicated to keeping and building around Mitchell. Which, of course, is going to mean moving Rudy Gobert as it’s become apparent that relationship is untenable on-court and off-court.”

The rumblings about Mitchell and the New York Knicks have grown very loud over the past few months. He is clearly that team’s Plan A, though they do also have a Plan B in place should Utah refuse to trade him.

The Miami Heat, similarly, have also been connected to Mitchell with increased frequency as of late.

At the moment it feels like the Jazz are more committed to making something work with Mitchell than Gobert. Because of that, two championship contenders have come out of the woodwork as possible trade partners who could facilitate that swap.

But if Utah does trade Gobert and still struggles with Mitchell as the main guy, he will likely be the next domino to drop. And at that point he will likely land with either New York or Miami.

What does the future hold for Mitchell, Gobert and the Jazz?

Time will tell.

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