2 Frontrunners Emerge For Marcus Morris After Spurs Buyout

2 Frontrunners Emerge For Marcus Morris After Spurs Buyout

Marcus Morris Sr. was dealt to the San Antonio Spurs at the NBA Trade Deadline this year.

The expectation from all parties involved is that Morris will be bought out and permitted to join another team. Although he has a certain propensity for stirring up controversy, the 34-year-old could still help a lot if he ends up in the right situation.

This week, two legitimate frontrunners emerged for Morris’ services.

The first is the Minnesota Timberwolves. Morris’ friend and former teammate, Patrick Beverley, announced it via his podcast.

Timberwolves insider, Jon Krawczynski, weighed in on the matter as well.

“What I can say is that what Pat Bev said is Marcus Morris is ‘leaning toward’ signing with the Timberwolves, I am 100% sure that Pat Bev has talked to Marcus Morris and Marcus Morris has told him that he likes the Timberwolves option for him when he gets bought out from the San Antonio Spurs,” Krawczynski said.

“That they are attractive to him and that he might even being leaning toward them versus what other options are out there.”

That being said, Krawczynski still urged caution.

“From the people that I’ve talked to within the organization, I don’t think any final decision has been made,” he continued. “I was told that the Wolves will try and take the All-Star break to really evaluate all of their options on the buyout market and see what the best path forward is.”

In order for Morris to be eligible for the playoffs, a move has to happen by March 1.

“They definitely do have interest in Marcus Morris as a good spot-up catch-and-shoot guy from 3,” Krawczynski continued.

“He’s a tough dude so you can see him fitting in in intense playoff environments sometimes. I think that he would be a really nice addition from a shooting standout and a toughness standpoint for this team just to give them one more option should they need it down the stretch here and in the playoffs.”

If not the Timberwolves, the Dallas Mavericks have also been linked to Morris.

But obviously everything is predicated on the Spurs first buying him out.

Will Morris land with a new squad at some point in the foreseeable future? Time will tell.

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