1 Team Falcons’ Julio Jones Really Wants To Play For

1 Team Falcons' Julio Jones Really Wants To Play For

The Atlanta Falcons will likely begin fielding trade calls for wide receiver Julio Jones after June 1.

Due to cap reasons no deal can take place prior to that, but once the deadline comes and goes, it’ll be a free for all.

A number of teams have been mentioned as potential suitors for Jones.

The Las Vegas Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles are two that are expected to have a ton of interest.

That said, there is one team Jones himself very much wants to play for.

According to Michael Holley (via Dan Hartwell of NBC Sports), Jones wants to team up with Cam Newton on the New England Patriots

“You know who (Jones) really wants to play with? … He wants to play with Cam Newton. He likes Cam,” Holley said. “That’s the other thing: He thinks (Falcons quarterback) Matt Ryan has lost a little zing on his deep ball.”

Jones and Newton grew familiar with one another during their NFC South wars when Newton was a perennial MVP for the Carolina Panthers.

Of course, that was a long time ago – and Newton is no longer the same player.

Apparently that isn’t deterring Jones, though.

This past week, ESPN analyst and former New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum also made the case for Jones landing in New England.

“They signed Nelson Agholor, they signed Kendrick Bourne, but the Patriots will be in the playoff hunt,” he said. “This could possibly put them over the top in winning the division.

“They could use a frontline No. 1 receiver. If Cam Newton’s going to have any chance of taking this team to the playoffs, Julio Jones would certainly help them get there.”

Also, don’t discount the Nick Saban element in all this.

“Nick Saban and Belichick, obviously very close,” Tannenbaum continued. “This is one of Nick Saban’s all-time favorite players. I think it makes a ton of sense, and it [would] really put a ribbon on a very aggressive offseason for the Patriots.”

Will Jones ultimately find his way to the Patriots? Time will tell.

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