1 Player Damian Lillard Desperately Wants Blazers To Get

1 Player Damian Lillard Desperately Wants Blazers To Get

The Portland Trail Blazers have started the 2021-22 NBA season 3-5. After a turbulent free agency run that saw the front office do little of note and get called out by Damian Lillard for it, fans were hoping to see a better beginning to the year.

Sadly, this Blazers group is just poorly constructed. Offensively, they find themselves outside of the top third of the league in field goal percentage. Defensively, they’re at the bottom of the NBA in defensive rating. By any objective measure, they’re just not very good right now.

Clearly a move of some sort needs to be made.

Interestingly enough, it just so happens that the one player Lillard really wishes the Blazers could acquire happens to be the one that’d help them greatly on both sides of the ball.

This past week ‘The Athletic’ NBA insider Anthony Slater appeared on the HoopsHype podcast. While there, he offered an interesting insight into one player Lillard was ‘obsessed’ with playing alongside: Draymond Green.

“The Blazers would love to have him,” Slater said. “Lillard has been obsessed with getting him there for a while.”

Green is a tremendous playmaker who would help create opportunities for Lillard offensively, all while serving as one of the league’s more versatile defenders. He would check a lot of boxes for Portland.

Lillard and Green obviously played alongside one another on Team USA at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, but talk of their potential union predates that.

Green, for his part, has also flirted with the idea of possibly joining the Blazers should things not work out long-term between him and the Golden State Warriors on his next contract.

Obviously a lot of variables would need to fall into place for Portland to ultimately acquire Green. But if the front office could pull that move off, it would solve a lot of its problems on every possible front.

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