2 Teams Draymond Green Has His Eye On If He Leaves Warriors

2 Teams Draymond Green Has His Eye On If He Leaves Warriors

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green’s statistical peak came between 2014 and 2018, when his team was in the midst of winning three titles and redefining the new era of basketball.

Since then Green’s numbers have noticeably declined, but he remains one of the more sought-after talents in the league today.

One team has been chasing him for years now – and they aren’t alone in their interest.

This week, a report surfaced that Green may also have his eye on the future. If the Warriors don’t ultimately give him the sort of next contract he is looking for, he reportedly has two teams in his sights that he wouldn’t mind jumping ship to.

During a recent appearance on the HoopsHype podcast, Anthony Slater of The Athletic offered an interesting window into Green’s thought process.

“Draymond has two years left. Like you said, he’s had some flirtations with the Lakers and even the Blazers a bit,” he said. “His game isn’t quite again like Curry’s is. I’d say if the Warriors lowball him coming off his next contract or whatever happens over the next couple of years, I could see his situation morphing into more of a breakup.

“That’s not necessarily because he doesn’t want to play with Curry. I think in their ideal world, Draymond, Steph and Klay are chasing titles until they’re all retiring together. I could see Draymond’s situation playing out a little bit more messy than Steph’s would, and the fact that Draymond’s not locked into a long-term deal like Steph is. If another team is willing to give Draymond a contract that the Warriors aren’t in a couple of years, I could see that going differently, even if their dream scenario would be to play forever.”

Green in a Lakers jersey would certainly be an interesting sight. It’s no secret that he keeps special tabs on LA, as evidenced by the fact that he was the first to call out one of the team’s stars for being out of shape, but there is still a big leap between that and actually joining the purple and gold. Still, stranger things have happened.

The Blazers, similarly, make a lot of sense given how long they’ve wanted him.

Green has a couple of years left on his four-year, $100 million deal. It’s worth keeping an eye on how extension talks go in the future. Because if they don’t go well, he could very well end up changing uniforms sooner rather than later.

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