Yankees Facing Suspensions Over Cheating Scandal?

Yankees Facing Suspensions Over Cheating Scandal?

Yankees Facing Suspensions Over Cheating Scandal?

Are the Yankees facing suspensions over the cheating scandal that recently rocked baseball?

Former Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora seemingly implicated Carlos Beltran in helping the Yankees with nefarious methods during a press conference last year.

In a newly resurfaced clip, Cora can be seen making the heavy-handed suggestions with a twinkle in his eye.

Earlier this week MLB commissioner Rob Manfred implicated the Houston Astros in a far-reaching sign-stealing operation where the team used tech to determine what sort of pitches pitchers were going to throw.

Batters were then tipped off on what to expect with either whistling or trash can banging.

Cora served as the bench coach for that Astros squad, and Beltran was a player. The latter promptly retired following the 2017 season while the former began Boston’s manager.

Last June, Cora was asked about why his Red Sox fell to the Yankees 29-21. Cora winked and credited Beltran with New York’s superior performance. Beltran was a special advisor to the Yankees at the time.

“Their attention to detail is phenomenal,” Cora said.

“I was joking with somebody that the biggest free-agent acquisition is Carlos Beltran. He, I know how it works, you know; he’s helping a lot. They’re paying attention to details and we have to clean our details.”

Cora was fired by the Red Sox on Wednesday, but has yet to receive an official punishment from the league.

No reprimand was announced for Beltran this week, after Manfred said there was no way to fully identify all of the people who were involved in this cheating scandal.

Beltran remains the manager of the New York Mets at the moment, but the organization is said to be reviewing the matter and determining whether or not to fire him.

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