XFL Week 4 TV Ratings Continue To Drop

XFL Week 4 TV Ratings Continue To Drop

XFL Week 4 TV Ratings Continue To Drop

XFL Week 4 TV ratings continue to drop as the new football league loses its novelty.

Whereas Vince McMahon’s pet project came out with a bang in the early going, it has been experiencing a weekly ratings decline ever since that point.

Although the XFL has a certain amount of intriguing talents like PJ Walker, Cardale Jones and Jordan Ta’amu, it does not appear to be enough to maintain the interest of casual fans.

This past week, the XFL posted its lowest ratings of the month it has been in business – 1.38 million viewers. That is a 14 percent dip from where the ratings were in Week 3.

Currently, the XFL has no real competition for sports fan attention other than midseason NBA. Soon, however, March Madness will commence. You have to assume there will be precipitous drop in ratings at that point.

For context, in Week 1 the XFL recorded 3.12 million ratings. In Week 2 that number dipped to 2.05. In Wee 3 it was 1.61 million. And then this week it was 1.38 million.

In two weeks, it would not be all that shocking to see the ratings dip to under a million.

At the end of the day, while the XFL was fun in the beginning, it is not the NFL. And that is the major issue all the football alternative leagues have run into after their first weeks.

Is there space in the sports for a Big 3-type sideshow football league? Probably. But it will probably need to be a lot more cost effective than the XFL has been.

It will be interesting to see where McMahon and the other XFL executives go from here.

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