Wizards, Cavaliers Working On NBA Trade

Wizards, Cavaliers Working On NBA Trade

Wizards, Cavaliers Working On NBA Trade

The Wizards and Cavaliers are working on an NBA trade, it would appear.

Cleveland is in the midst of a rebuild. As such, the organization has little use for veterans like Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love.

According to Washington Post NBA insider Candace Buckner, the Wizards have reportedly expressed interest in trading for Thompson.

“So the Tristan Thompson news @WindhorstESPN had previously reported — I’m hearing the same,” she tweeted out.

“The #Wizards have expressed interest in Thompson. A big man who rebounds, does the dirty work + with a trade, the Wiz would have his bird rights … a move w/ an eye toward the future.”

Thompson is currently in the last deal of a five-year $82 million contract.

The presumption Washington would be making if the organization acquired him is that the combined appeal of a returning John Wall and Bradley Beal would be enough to get him to stick around for a rebuild.

Is that accurate? It is hard to say. Historically, Thompson has been a tough player to read.

This season Thompson is averaging 11.1 points and 10.4 rebounds per outing.

Will the Wizards ultimately be able to get a deal done for his services? We’re about two days away from finding out.

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