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Wisconsin Has 1 Way Of Beating Ohio State Says, Urban Meyer

Wisconsin Has 1 Way Of Beating Ohio State Says, Urban Meyer

Wisconsin Has 1 Way Of Beating Ohio State Says, Urban Meyer

Wisconsin has 1 way of beating Ohio State, says Urban Meyer.

Heading into this weekend, many people are wondering if there is really any shot at all of the Badgers shocking the Buckeyes in the conference title game.

Ohio State has essentially ruled over the Big Ten all year long, while Wisconsin has just sort of looked good in spurts.

During a recent interview, Meyer was asked if he saw any realistic path to Wisconsin winning this one.

In his eyes, there is one.

“Of course it’s possible…I can promise you the amount of respect (for Wisconsin) is immense in the locker room and offices at Ohio State,” he said.

“That’s obviously a Heisman-style running back (Jonathan Taylor) and a well-coached team. I think Coach [Paul] Chryst is one of the unsung heroes of our profession.

“I love who he is, love what he stands for. I’ve had many great games against him and their players. Great respect for them. What can they do? They have to play darn-near-perfect football, which they’re capable of doing,” Meyer continued.

“They can’t turn the ball over one time. Can’t do it. They can’t give away free yardage. That means a bad snap or a stupid sack–just the things that happen.

“They can’t do that. And they obviously have to execute very well. I know that’s very simple when it’s said, but I’ve been in those type of games, and the way you practice and the mentality and focus your team has to have to win a game like this — I think they’re going to make a great showing, but I don’t know if they have the horses to do it (pull off the upset).”

Will Wisconsin be able to shock the world and beat Ohio State this weekend? We’ll all find out together come Saturday.

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