Winnie Harlow’s Wild Leather Outfit For Kyle Kuzma’s Game (Photos)

Winnie Harlow’s Wild Leather Outfit For Kyle Kuzma’s Game (Photos)

Kyle Kuzma and Winnie Harlow are one of the most popular couples in all of sports and entertainment.

He is having a career year with the Washington Wizards, whereas she is on a modeling run that is as impressive as anyone has had in the industry over the past decade.

Any time fans get to see the two of them together – it’s a big deal. And that is precisely what ended up happening this past week when the Wizards faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Not only was Harlow in attendance, but she opted to wear a particularly provocative leather outfit that left quite the impression.

Winnie Harlow’s Wild Leather Outfit For Kyle Kuzma’s Game (Photos) 1 Winnie Harlow’s Wild Leather Outfit For Kyle Kuzma’s Game (Photos) 2

Between their random displays of PDA at public events and how touchy-feely they were on a recent vacation, it genuinely feels like Kuzma and Harlow cannot keep their hands off each other.

Their love is about as real as it comes.

It will be interesting to see how they navigate the next year, because it promises to be full of change.

Kuzma is currently in the final season of a contract that pays him $13 million annually. In 2024, he becomes an unrestricted free agent. He has already signaled that he is looking for a massive salary bump, and it remains unclear whether the Wizards will want to give him one.

In recent days Kuzma’s former team, the Lakers, have expressed interest in bringing him back. That led to him taking a little shot at the organization for dumping him in the first place.

If a reunion with L.A. proves not to be in the cards, two other teams have recently expressed interest in acquiring Kuzma this year via trade. He would make sense as a short-term option on both.

From a professional standpoint, Kuzma’s career really seems to be picking up steam right now. If he can keep this momentum going, he will definitely grow into being the sort of player many thought he could be after his first season with the Lakers.

And from a personal point of view, his relationship with Harlow is as strong as ever.

For someone who is only 27 years old, Kuzma has a lot going for him.

Watching him and Harlow grow and develop in the coming years is going to be truly fascinating for everyone who has followed the pair up to this point.

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