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Winner of Wisconsin vs Minnesota Is Clear, Says ESPN

Winner of Wisconsin vs Minnesota Is Clear, Says ESPN

Winner of Wisconsin vs Minnesota Is Clear, Says ESPN

The winner of Wisconsin vs Minnesota is clear, says ESPN.

Heading into rivalry weekend, there are a lot of games on paper that are sexier than this one. After all, there is just something special about an old fashioned Alabama vs Auburn or Ohio State vs Michigan game.

But if you take the historical factor out of it, Saturday’s game between Wisconsin and Minnesota might end up being the best one of the weekend.

Wisconsin is ranked No. 12 and is traveling to face off against a surprisingly strong No. 10 ranked Minnesota program. The outcome of this outing is also extremely consequential, as the winner will play in the conference title game.

There is virtually no conceivable way that this game doesn’t end up being close.

Surely enough, ESPN ran a statistical analysis for this upcoming match-up and is predicting that the final score will be 29-28, Minnesota.

Can Wisconsin shock the prognosticators and pull off the big win over Minnesota? We’ll find out for certain come Saturday.

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