Will Packers Trade Aaron Rodgers?

Will Packers Trade Aaron Rodgers?

Will Packers Trade Aaron Rodgers?

Will the Green Bay Packers trade Aaron Rodgers? That is the question on many people’s minds following the franchise’s disastrous showing in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Recently, ESPN NFL insider Dan Graziano discussed his take on whether a trade would occur.

“Yeah, pretty much impossible at this point. If they were to trade him now, very hypothetically, it is more than $51 million in dead money on this year’s salary cap. It would actually add $29 million to this year’s cap. They don’t have that cap room to do it if they even want it to.

“If they trade him next year, you’re looking at $31 million in dead money. A trade of Aaron Rodgers out of Green Bay is pretty impossible this year, and would be extremely painful for the team next year.”

How will the Packers-Rodgers situation ultimately play out? Time will tell.

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