Will Dak Prescott Be Punished?

Will Dak Prescott Be Punished?

Will Dak Prescott Be Punished?

Will Dak Prescott be punished? That is the question Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk asked this week after the Dallas Cowboys superstar defied orders to stay indoors.

Instead, Prescott opted to work out with former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

“No one, apparently, can keep guys like Prescott and Bryant from doing things they shouldn’t be doing,” Florio wrote.

“But why are they making their violation of these laws public? Again, it’s ignorance, stupidity, and/or flat-out disregard for the vulnerable members of society who are getting sick and who are dying because people continue to not take steps to freeze the distribution of the virus in its tracks.”

Florio then appeared on 105.3 The Fan to continue his rant.

“If you’ve got players who are violating the local laws that say ‘thou shall stay home during this pandemic,’ and they are both creating a real risk of spreading the virus, and sending a horrible message to others who may be influenced to do the same thing. I would like to see the NFL do something,” Florio said. “Even if you’re not going to suspend anyone or fine anyone under the personal conduct policy.

“I want the commissioner to post a video, to issue a statement, telling all players who are in the NFL or hope to be back like Dez Bryant, that they must comply with all applicable state and local requirements as what they should and shouldn’t be doing during this pandemic.”

Will Prescott ultimately be punished? Time will tell.

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  1. So why aren’t you writing about whether or not Lamar Jackson the League MVP will be punished for doing the same thing a few days earlier? Wait…my bad…. the #fakesportsnewsmedia hasn’t created a culture of hate around him like they have Prescott. Why don’t you write an insightful article about the blatant culture of negativity/ hate toward Prescott, wherein you people get views and ratings by relentlessly trashing the kid? An intelligent and insightful person could actually do some research and make statistical comparisons of how much negative media the kid gets. Bet my last dime it’s exponentially greater than any other player in the NFL. The term, “journalistic integrity” has been an oxymoron for decades. Everybody is a wannabee Ernest Hemingway, without bothering to develop the talent or learning to differentiate between actual news and yellow journalism editorializing.

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