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Will Chase Young’s Suspension Get Reduced? Now We Know

Will Chase Young’s Suspension Get Reduced? Now We Know

Will Chase Young’s Suspension Get Reduced? Now We Know

Will Chase Young’s suspension get reduced? Now we know.

On Friday, the college football world was rocked when the best defensive player in the nation was suspended indefinitely.

Young, the leader of Ohio State’s defense and one of the main reasons for the program’s success this year, was ruled ineligible for Saturday’s game against Maryland.

While not having Young against Maryland is unlikely to hinder Ohio State all that much, if he were to miss his school’s looming showdown against Penn State, that could have massive championship implications.

At the root of the suspension is Young and his family reportedly receiving a loan from a “family friend.” Neither the nature of the loan nor the family friend who offered it have been officially revealed up to this point, although there have obviously been rumors circulating.

The main question now is: how long will Young be out?

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Well, according to ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, it could be a while.

“Depending on how much money you take, you get slotted with how many games you’re going to be suspended,” he said.

“In this case, this amount of money is over a certain percentage which means he’s going to be suspended for four games, not just today.

“What needs to be remembered now is Ohio State this week will collect their intel. They’ll look at all their information and they will appeal.”

Either way, Herbstreit feels like by next week all involved will know what’s what.

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“Ohio State feels they’re going to hear by next week the answer on their appeal,” he continued.

“And because he’s in good standing, he made a mistake here, but he’s a good student, goes to class and doesn’t have any issues off the field.

“Because of that, the NCAA takes that into consideration and more than likely this will come down and be reduced to two games, maybe three games. It won’t stay at four.”

Will Herbstreit’s prediction ultimately be correct? We should find out for sure some time next week.

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