Why Rajon Rondo Was Angry With Kawhi Leonard During Clippers Loss

Why Rajon Rondo Was Angry With Kawhi Leonard During Clippers Loss

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 105-100 on Wednesday night. In doing so, they took a commanding 3-2 series lead in their first-round match-up.

LA had a chance to tie things up with a little less than 9 seconds remaining in the outing, but ultimately squandered the opportunity with an absolutely awful shot by Kawhi Leonard.

After the fact, the one lingering image that prevailed and served as a representation of that final sequence was Rajon Rondo’s reaction to it.

Fans were quick to make a meme out of the situation:

So what was at the root of Rondo’s outward disdain for that missed opportunity? Although he has yet to officially comment on the situation, it seems pretty clear that he was simply unhappy with the quality of shot that Leonard took.

It was a really bad shot, and Rondo is a very intelligent player. Bad decision-making, like the kind displayed by Leonard in that particular instance, irritates him.

Because Rondo isn’t a superstar a lot of people don’t realize how expressive he can sometimes be. Whether he’s getting into it with people on the court or having a good time off it, the two-time champ wears his emotions on his sleeve.

Will that have an impact on his relationship with Leonard going forward? Time will tell.

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