Why NASCAR Fans Are Angry At Danica Patrick This Week

Why NASCAR Fans Are Angry At Danica Patrick This Week

Danica Patrick’s place in sports lore is beyond reproach at this point. Her accomplishments leave her in rarified air that few can truly compete with.

That said, none of Patrick’s successes make her bulletproof from social media.

And this week, NASCAR fans online got very upset with her.

On Sunday, Patrick appeared in the booth in Phoenix offering her unique brand of commentary. While there, she ran afoul of the viewers at home with her incessant commenting on Indy Car racing.

That said, some people did come to her defense:

Overall, though — tough crowd.

Big picture, Patrick broke a lot of barriers as a female pro race car driver and is inarguably the most successful woman to ever participate in open-wheel racing.

That earns her the right to throw her hat into the mix as far as commentary. However, if the public doesn’t like her – you have to let the market decide for itself who it wants in the booth.

Whether Patrick is posting suggestive pictures that do ridiculous engagement or putting ex-boyfriend Aaron Rodgers in his place on social media, she always has a tendency to go viral. What happened this week was just more of the same.

Patrick has had a rough month. And obviously this isn’t the greatest news either.

Hopefully at some point in the foreseeable future her luck will take a turn for the better.

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