White Sox, Tony La Russa Involved In Cheating Scandal?

White Sox, Tony La Russa Involved In Cheating Scandal?

White Sox, Tony La Russa Involved In Cheating Scandal?

Were the White Sox and Tony La Russa involved in a cheating scandal?

In the aftermath of the league implicating the Houston Astros in a far-reaching sign-stealing operation, new allegations have come to light.

Retired pitcher Jack McDowell appeared on The Mac Attack Show this week on WFNZ and said that Chicago used a system just like Houston’s in the late 80s.

According to the former Cy Young winner and three-time All-Star, La Russa developed a system utilizing cameras being trained on opposing catchers.

From there, a light on a sign in the outfield would be turned on and off by the manager’s office, indicating what was coming.

“We had a system in the old Comiskey Park in the late 1980s – the Gatorade sign out in center had a light, there was a toggle switch in the manager’s office and camera zoomed in on the catcher,” he said.

“I’m gonna whistle blow this now because I’m getting tired of this crap. There was that, Tony La Russa is the one who put it in.”

La Russa served as the White manager from 1979 to 1986.

Neither the White Sox nor La Russa have commented on these most recent allegations. Given how old the purported transgressions are, more likely than not nothing will come of McDowell’s comments.

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