Which NBA Player Slid Into Jeffree Star’s DMs?

Which NBA Player Slid Into Jeffree Star’s DMs?

Jeffree Star is a superstar makeup artist and YouTuber who capitalized on his initial social media success to become one of the highest-paid influencers on the planet.

A little while back, Star offered an interesting reply to a Twitter troll that stirred up quite a bit of commotion.

“Jeffree Star is 6’1?? Bro was playing with the wrong balls,” someone wrote on Twitter.

Star didn’t miss a beat.

“There are currently three NBA players in my DM‘s right now, but thank you for the concern,” he wrote.

Because Star refused to name names, fans immediately began to wonder who these NBA players could be.

To date, nobody has stepped forward and acknowledged that they are one of the players Star referenced.

While the NBA players who slid into Star’s DMs may still be a question mark, the Youtuber’s knack for making cold, hard cash is anything but.

Star, who currently has 16.9 million followers on social media, was the 10th top-earning YouTube star of 2020.

According to Forbes, he earned approximately $15 million this past year and amassed roughly 600 million views between June 2019 and June 2020.

In 2019, Star was estimated to have earned roughly $17 million.

One year earlier, in 2018, Star is said to have earned $18 million from his YouTube-related projects alone.

With bank like that, Star doesn’t really need any NBA players to take care of him.

In fact, maybe the NBA players were sliding into his DMs because they’re the ones who want to be taken care of.

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