When Are The Patriots Signing Cam Newton?

When Are The Patriots Signing Cam Newton?

When Are The Patriots Signing Cam Newton?

When are the New England Patriots signing Cam Newton? It could be at some point in the foreseeable future.

“I think if there has been one player hurt by the coronavirus in terms of being able to get in front of people — to be able to take a comprehensive physical not only on his shoulder, but on his foot to really understand where he is medically — it’s been Cam Newton,” Michael Lombardi said during a recent interview.

“If you just understand Coach Belichick … he loves to play the market like Warren Buffett does, ‘I am going to buy low and sell high.’ This is a blue-chip, MVP player who is out there at a position that there is a degree of uncertainty.”

“You’re talking about a team that has always, always, and this has been Belichick’s mantra forever, is always looking for ways to improve the team, not necessarily on draft day, but 365 days a year,” Lombardi said. “Until they can get a medical, until they can get an understanding of where he is, I don’t think you can rule him out.”

Will the Patriots ultimately sign Newton? Time will tell.

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