What Warriors Are Demanding In Any Jonathan Kuminga Trade

What Warriors Are Demanding In Any Jonathan Kuminga Trade

The Golden State Warriors are looking to make at least one big deal ahead of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline.

Having gone from winning an NBA title two years ago to the bottom of the Western Conference this season, Golden State’s front office understands that something needs to change.

In recent weeks, the Warriors have been linked to a blockbuster trade with the Chicago Bulls, a notable deal with the Utah Jazz, and a legitimately win-win proposal with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Unfortunately, in order to get something of value from other teams, Golden State needs to be willing to give something up. Their best trade asset, at the moment at least, is Jonathan Kuminga.

To date, Golden State has been reluctant to include him in any trade proposals.

That being said, Kuminga isn’t fully off-limits when it comes to a potential swap.

“The Warriors are pleased with the growth of Jonathan Kuminga this season and are reluctant to trade him, I’m told,” Michael Scotto of HoopsHype said this week.

“Theoretically, it would take a package involving an All-Star player or an overpay of draft picks for Golden State to even consider trading him.

“Some wondered if Kuminga would be a trade candidate with the Raptors in Pascal Siakam talks. The Warriors and Raptors did have talks regarding Siakam, but nothing ever got close, and Toronto wasn’t as high on Kuminga as some assumed.”

The Warriors need to do something. Stephen Curry doesn’t have a ton of years left in the league, and wasting what precious time he does have is borderline criminal.

Golden State must make a move.

Will the Warriors get rid of Kuminga in an effort put some talent around Curry? An answer one way or the other will emerge in the next few days.

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