What Texans Want In Return For Deshaun Watson

What Texans Want In Return For Deshaun Watson

At this point the situation between Deshaun Watson is untenable. The relationship is broken beyond repair and the only possible resolution is a trade.

So far, two teams have emerged as heavy favorites to acquire Watson. Beyond that, three ‘sleepers’ have frequently been cited as having a shot at the 25-year-old.

Assuming Houston is ready to make a deal, what exactly would be required in a potential swap?

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the price tag attached to Watson is a steep one.

“Technically, no player since Herschel Walker has garnered three first-rounders,” he wrote. “That would definitely change with Watson, several evaluators say.”

Three first round draft picks as a starting point is mind-boggling.

“Oh yeah — he’s worth at least that,” one NFC executive told Fowler. “The haul would be pretty insane.”

While the cost is obviously expensive, it is worth remembering that Watson is a generational talent. A generational talent who also happens to play the most important offensive position in the sport.

Last season, Watson threw for a career-high 4,823 yards, 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Given his age and what he had to work with as far as the Texans’ roster, it’s safe to assume he will only continue to improve from here.

Watson has made it clear that he has one very specific preferred destination, but it remains uncertain whether Houston will ultimately oblige him.

While it isn’t known at this juncture where Watson will play in 2021, the answer is increasingly looking like somewhere other than Houston.

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