What Lakers Offered Celtics In Dennis Schroder Trade

What Lakers Offered Celtics In Dennis Schroder Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers’ disappointing pre-All Star Break run led to a mad scramble ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. The front office ultimately tried everything imaginable to upgrade the roster.

Unfortunately, they failed to make anything happen.

In the end, the best LA could do was make a last-ditch effort to acquire then-Boston Celtics point guard Dennis Schroder – with whom the organization has a colorful history.

When it was all said and done, a trade did not come together and he was dealt to the Houston Rockets.

In the days since, reports have emerged revealing what LA offered Boston in return for Schroder, and why the Celtics ultimately opted to pass.

“Word is the Celts were looking at other options for Schroder, whose in and out play and the fact it would be near impossible to re-sign him this summer made him a prime candidate for a new address,” reported NBA insider Steve Bulpett.

“We’re told the Lakers were offering a couple of second-round picks and some minimum contracts and that there were a number of other talks, but the C’s eventually decided to clear out roster space and reunite with Theis.”

That checks out.

The Lakers having zero in the way of tradeable assets that anyone actually wanted has been a reoccurring theme this season. It has consistently served as the biggest roadblock to the team improving itself.

It’s also a big reason for all of the organizational infighting that is presently taking place.

Currently, LA is one of six teams in the hunt for Goran Dragic. Time will tell if they’ll ultimately be able to add him.

Should that fall apart though, and if Schroder opts for greener pastures – this is the roster the Lakers will be stuck with through the end of the season.

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