What Enes Kanter Did When He Saw LeBron James (Video)

What Enes Kanter Did When He Saw LeBron James (Video)

Enes Kanter is not a particularly big fan of LeBron James.

In the lead-up to the Los Angeles Lakers’ Friday evening battle against the Boston Celtics, Kanter took repeated swipes at James and his record on human rights.

In particular, Kanter was unhappy with James’ refusal to call out China for its various human rights abuses.

As a result, he prepared a special pair of shoes for Friday’s game. One showed James’ likeness being given a crown by Chinese president Xi Jinping. The other had the words: “I am informed and educated on the situation.” For the uninitiated, that quote is a reference to James’ 2019 comments after he criticized then-Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s tweet in support of protests in Hong Kong.

Kanter seems to believe that James is a hypocrite for repeatedly calling out civil rights violations in America, but ignoring the plight of people overseas.

Ahead of Friday’s game, as both the Celtics and Lakers were warming up, an interesting sequence occurred between James and Kanter.

Footage from their encounter speaks for itself:

Reaction on social media was swift:

After the game, James called out Kanter for being all talk.

At the core of the criticism here is that James has often injected himself into political topics, particularly as they relate to racial discrimination. As a result, folks find his disinterest in the atrocities being committed in China hypocritical – especially given his financial incentivization to not criticize China.

Where will this feud between Kanter and James go from here? Time will tell.

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