What Dillon Brooks Said To LeBron James After He Missed 2 Shots

What Dillon Brooks Said To LeBron James After He Missed 2 Shots

Dillon Brooks and LeBron James developed a bit of a rivalry during the 2022-23 NBA Playoffs when the latter’s Los Angeles Lakers defeated the former’s Memphis Grizzlies.

Due in no small part to how badly James embarrassed him, Brooks was forced to change teams in the offseason. The Grizzlies wanted nothing more to do with him, and the Houston Rockets wound up giving him a four-year deal that pays him roughly $20 million annually.

This past week, Brooks’ Rockets squared off against James’ Lakers in a highly anticipated showdown. Not only did Houston emerge victorious – they straight up dominated in L.A.

No sequence better illustrates how much the Rockets owned the Lakers this week than a video showing Brooks and James talking after the latter played missed two shots.

To be fair, Brooks probably deserved that moment. Earlier in the season, Golden State Warrior star Stephen Curry humbled him about as hard as anyone could possibly be humbled.

What Curry said to Brooks when he did it similarly went mega-viral.

In many ways, you could argue that Brooks deserved that moment with James. Given how many Ls he has taken in recent months, it is only fair that he get a win, too.

The Rockets are currently 4-3 to start the year. Given that they were the league’s worst team last season, that is actually pretty impressive.

Los Angeles, meanwhile, is 3-5 and badly struggling to find any sort of rhythm. It is increasingly starting to look like last year’s march to the Western Conference Finals was a fluke.

Will the Lakers and Rockets’ next match-up be more competitive than this first one was? For fans’ sake, hopefully the answer proves to be ‘yes.’

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