What Bulls Are Demanding From Lakers In Any Zach LaVine Trade

What Bulls Are Demanding From Lakers In Any Zach LaVine Trade

The Chicago Bulls are 5-14 on the year and rapidly moving towards blowing up their entire roster.

Currently, three players are viewed as the Bulls’ most appealing trade assets: Zach LaVine, Alex Caruso and DeMar DeRozan.

Because LaVine has listed the Lakers as one of four teams he would like to be moved to, conversations have taken place to identify what an appropriate price for him would be.

This week, an answer emerged:

Up to this point, L.A. has regarded both Hachimura and Reaves as essential young pieces that the team wants to retain going forward.

Whereas D’Angelo Russell’s name has continuously been floated as a potential moveable part, the same hasn’t been true for Hachimura and Reaves.

That probably explains why the Lakers’ position on acquiring LaVine is what it is right now.

Big picture, while LaVine is undoubtedly the biggest available name out there, squads aren’t necessarily breaking down the door to get at him. He is unquestionably a talented player, but he also comes with his fair share of liabilities.

LaVine, for his part, seems open to a fresh start at locations beyond Los Angeles. By all accounts, there is only one team he truly doesn’t want to go to.

One way or another, this situation surrounding LaVine will resolve itself.

The Bulls will trade him somewhere, it’s just a matter of where.

That said, a deal likely isn’t coming until late December or early January.

Where Will LaVine ultimately be playing by the time the NBA Trade Deadline comes and goes? Time will tell.

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