Washington Redskins’ New Name Finalized

Washington Redskins’ New Name Finalized

Washington Redskins’ New Name Finalized

The Washington Redskins are retiring the “Redskins” name on Monday. In doing so, the franchise will be saying goodbye to a name its had since 1933.

According to odds makers, the new name will be one of the following:

Redtails 3/1

Generals 4/1

Presidents 5/1

Lincolns 6/1

Veterans 8/1

Capitols 9/1

Americans 10/1

Memorials 10/1

Monuments 10/1

Kings 12/1

Roosevelts 12/1

Redhawks 15/1

Jeffersons 20/1

Renegades 22/1

Arlingtons 25/1

Hogs 50/1

Snowflakes 500/1

Trumps 500/1

Although team owner Dan Snyder has been very vocal in his resistance to changing the organization’s name over the years, he was ultimately worn down by financial pressure from various partners.

Most recently, FedEx, which owns the naming rights to the team stadium, ordered Snyder to change the name. They were joined in this effort by Walmart Inc., Target Corp., Inc. and Nike Inc. – all of whom refused to sell team merchandise until a name change occurred.

In a statement this week, Snyder’s team confirmed that although the Redskins name was being retired on Monday, the new name would not be announced until later.

The reason for this was a trademark fight – which makes sense given that people have been trademarking potential names for years in hope of cashing in on a big payday.

That said, if Snyder is engaged in a trademark battle over the name – it means a desired name has been decided upon.

A final announcement on what the new name should come at some point in the next few weeks.

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