Video Of Draymond Green’s Dirty Play On Jayson Tatum Goes Viral

Video Of Draymond Green’s Dirty Play On Jayson Tatum Goes Viral

Draymond Green has always been something of a polarizing player.

His way of doing things, particularly on defense, routinely tends to straddle the line between “aggressive” and “dirty,” depending on who you ask.

This week Green found himself under the microscope once again, this time for one particular sequence involving Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum.

The video largely speaks for itself:

As do the reactions:

Green is one of those players who you love when he is on your team and hate when he is on the other squad, but it does feel like his act is wearing a bit thin. Particularly because for all his antics and big talk, he isn’t really performing that well on the court.

In the Golden State Warriors’ Game 3 loss to the Celtics, he mustered just two points, four rebounds and three assists before fouling out in the fourth quarter.

It’s one thing when you’re a menace but at least you do something of note to help your team win. But when you’re just a menace, going around getting overly-violent with people, it becomes a bit uncomfortable to watch.

Green has made it clear that he expects special treatment from the refs. And to his credit, officials seem to agree with him on that.

But there’s still a line.

And it feels like Green has crossed it many times.

It’s not like it’s just Celtics players calling him out at this point. Everyone is doing it. Random family members are publicly begging for something to be done.

Will officials start coming down a little harder on Green in the coming days to prevent him from acting like this?

Time will tell.

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