Video Confirms Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Was Rigged?

Video Confirms Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Was Rigged?

Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley on Sunday night in the pair’s highly anticipated bout.

Once everything was said and done, many fans wondered if the entire affair was on the up and up.

After all it’s not every day that a multiple-time world champion mixed martial artist gets beaten down by a YouTube star.

This video, in particular, has been pointed to as a smoking gun:


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Naturally, social media agreed:

Despite that one good hit in the fourth, Paul largely controlled the proceedings. He out-struck Woodley and did so at a higher efficiency. When it was all said and done, he walked away with the match being scored 77-75, 75-77, 78-74 in his favor.

Afterward, Woodley said that the judges who ruled against him were “laughable” and demanded a rematch.

“F**k the [Tommy Fury] fight, me and Jake need to run that back,” Woodley said. “Off the top, I want an instant rematch. Nobody ‘s going to sell a pay-per-view like we did.”

Regardless of what happens from here, Paul is clearly living a pretty charmed life these days. His Instagram girlfriend really rewarded him after the match, and he likely made tens of millions of dollars on Sunday night.

Next up for Paul? There are a handful of clear favorites. But whoever it is, they better be ready – this kid can definitely fight.

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