Victor Wembanyama’s Reaction To Spurs Trading For Trae Young

Victor Wembanyama’s Reaction To Spurs Trading For Trae Young

Victor Wembanyama’s first season with the San Antonio Spurs proved to be something of a mixed bag.

From an individual perspective, Wembanyama confirmed that the hype surrounding him was justified and established himself as one of the league’s most promising young players. If things line up correctly, he could become the face of the NBA within just a few years.

Unfortunately, Wembanyama’s promise didn’t translate into much on-the-court success for San Antonio. The Spurs still finished the year as one of the worst teams in the NBA.

Over the past few months, rumors have circulated that Trae Young would be interested in coming to San Antonio. A post from him this weekend seemed to confirm that he is in fact intrigued by the prospect of playing alongside Wembanyama.

This week, ESPN NBA insider Tim MacMahon appeared on The Hoops Collective podcast and weighed in on the prospect of Young and Wembanyama teaming up.

“I will say that I have talked to people who know Wemby who have indicated that he is at least intrigued by that idea,” he said.

“Now, intrigued by that idea and pounding the table are two very different things. I have no idea whether Gregg Popovich would be intrigued by the idea.

“He’s not classically a Popovich player, Trae Young. And everybody I talk to says, ‘Hey, from a basketball perspective, I think it could really work because … Wemby covers up a lot of sins defensively and a lot of flaws defensively.’ Say what you want about Trae Young, the man can run pick-and-roll and is one of the probably two best lob passers in the league.”

Will the Spurs ultimately decide to pull the trigger on a trade teams up Wembanyama and Young for next season? Time will tell.

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