US Open Fans’ Reaction To Ben Simmons On Big Screen (Video)

US Open Fans’ Reaction To Ben Simmons On Big Screen (Video)

Ben Simmons was one of many celebrities and athletes on hand to witness what may have been the final match of Serena Williams’ storied career.

Seeing as the U.S. Open was in New York, and given that Simmons is a member of the Brooklyn Nets, one would think that he wouldn’t get too brutal of a reception in the Big Apple these days.

Not so.

This is how fans reacted when Simmons was shown on the screen:

With social media being what it is nowadays, reactions to the reception Simmons gets in New York poured in immediately:

This has been a rough week for Simmons. First the real reason his girlfriend dumped him came out. Now this. Just L after L after L.

Big picture, 2022-23 will be a defining year for Simmons in his basketball career. He will either get his mind right, stay healthy and show the sort of promise he did during his heyday with the Philadelphia 76ers. Or the weight of everything he has been through over the past few seasons will crush him mentally.

One way or another, the next chapter of Simmons’ career will reveal what his legacy in hoops will ultimately be.

It should be an interesting sight, no matter the result.

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