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Urban Meyer’s Plan For Next Job Emerges

Urban Meyer’s Plan For Next Job Emerges

Urban Meyer’s disastrous run with the Jacksonville Jaguars will go down in the history books. There have certainly been collegiate coaches who failed in the NFL before, but none as spectacularly as he did.

In one fatal swoop, Meyer manage to disgrace himself off the field with his now-infamous bar antics, and on it by alienating both all his players and a decent amount of his coaches.

It was just a mess, through and through.

All of which brings up the obvious question of: where can Meyer go from here?

Where all disgraced personalities can find refuge: TV.

According to Ohio State insider Austin Ward, there is a decent chance Meyer will end up back at FOX.

“I do think Urban will be back in college football as an analyst sometime soon. I think he’ll be returning to FOX,” Ward said this week on the ‘Ohio State Football Podcast’ show.

“I can’t say that it’s done. I think it’s gonna happen again and I don’t think he ever should have left in the first place. He was good and I think they miss that. There was a drop-odd pretty significantly to Bob Stoops.”

Meyer has started clearing the way for a possible return to TV. A while back, he did an interview where he went into depth about his viral lap dance video and what precisely happened there.

What Meyer did not elaborate on, however, were the alternate angles of the situation that showed exactly where he was inserting his hand. He also didn’t say anything about the allegations of inappropriate text messages and a worse unreleased video that came out afterwards.

That stuff he stayed away from.

It will be interesting to see if FOX ultimately ends up giving Meyer another shot. He really was better than Stoops, that much is undeniable. So from a TV perspective, it makes sense.

From a PR one, though? Less so.

Will Meyer be gracing television screens everywhere by the time the next college football season rolls around? Time will tell.

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