Urban Meyer Gets Brutally Honest About 2020 NFL Draft

Urban Meyer Gets Brutally Honest About 2020 NFL Draft

Urban Meyer Gets Brutally Honest About 2020 NFL Draft

Urban Meyer got brutally honest about the 2020 NFL Draft recently.

Appearing on Football Now on Fox Sports 1, he insisted that a lot of pro teams have a very flawed drafting process.

“There’s a reason programs just don’t win very often and that’s because I’ve never heard from (their personnel department),” he said.

“I’m not going to give names and coaches, but the teams, they’re the ones that don’t win,” he said.

“And they’re probably not going to win next year and they’re probably not going to win the year after.”

Still, not everyone has a broken process. The New England Patriots, according to Meyer, do things correctly.

“No. 1 is develop a culture, implement a culture. No. 2, it’s called talent acquisition. And in college, it’s recruiting and development. And in the NFL, it’s drafting and free agency, etc. and development.

“And when I was a young coach, I really didn’t have set criteria when I first started off. Then a guy named Bill Belichick would come visit with me every year. And his visit wasn’t a quick drive by. It was he was in my office for three or four hours.

“He would meet with every player. He would ask me questions. Not one time would it be, ‘How fast is he,’ or, ‘How tall is he,’ or, ‘What’s his vertical jump.’ He would ask me if he fits a criteria of a New England Patriot.

“I know exactly what it was — it was an intense competitor, toughness and all the things he believes in, because he assured me of that constantly. And I changed my way of recruiting.”

The 2020 NFL Draft is set to take place on April 23.

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