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University Of Texas Refuses To Change Song Despite Controversy

University Of Texas Refuses To Change Song Despite Controversy

University Of Texas Refuses To Change Song Despite Controversy

The University of Texas announced on Monday that it would not stop playing “The Eyes of Texas” at various school events. This decision came on the heels of many student-athletes expressing that they were offended by the song’s content.

“The Eyes of Texas” has been played at various University events  for decades. More recently, some students and alumni have begun to object to it due to its so-called “racist origins.”

“Aspects of its origin, whether previously widely known or unknown, have created a rift in how the song is understood and celebrated, and that must be fixed,” interim school president Jay Hartzell said.

“It is my belief that we can effectively reclaim and redefine what this song stands for by first owning and acknowledging its history in a way that is open and transparent.”

The reason some have been offended by “The Eyes of Texas” is because of its connection to minstrel shows from the early 1900s, where characters were depicted in blackface.

As a result of the controversy, multiple student-athletes initially pledged to stop helping recruit others to the school.

That said, on the heels of the University of Texas’ decision, at least one athlete who promised to boycott team activities has already backed down.

DeMarvion Overshown, a linebacker on the team, responded to Monday’s statement by the school with a message reading, “We Are One.”

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