Ty Lue Says James Harden Must Get In Shape After Latest Clippers Loss

Ty Lue Says James Harden Must Get In Shape After Latest Clippers Loss

Ty Lue and the Los Angeles Clippers have yet to win a game since the team acquired James Harden from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Originally, Harden was billed as the missing piece that would put L.A. over the top in their championship aspirations. Thus far, that hasn’t appeared to be the case.

Harden looks like a shell of his former self at the moment, and the Clippers appear worse off as a result of adding him.

Following his team’s most recent loss, this time to Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks, Lue admitted that Harden must get in shape in order for the Clippers to maximize his skillset.

“I think the small lineup doesn’t really fit him well right now until he gets in better game shape,” he told the media.

“Keeping a five on the floor with him as much as possible will really be good for us.”

This of course is the downside to Harden opting to skip all of training camp. Yes, it probably paved the way for Philly to trade him. But it also deprived him of valuable conditioning. Now both he and the Clippers are paying the price.

Leonard has made his feelings on Harden’s slow start with the Clippers clear.

Similarly Harden’s old 76ers teammate, Joel Embiid, now feels comfortable enough with how things transpired to take little jabs at the former league MVP.

It will be interesting to see what Harden is able to do with the Clippers going forward. Because if he doesn’t make this opportunity work, there is a good chance he won’t get another one in the NBA.

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