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Tua Tagovailoa Gets Brutally Honest About Nick Saban

Tua Tagovailoa Gets Brutally Honest About Nick Saban

Tua Tagovailoa Gets Brutally Honest About Nick Saban

Tua Tagovailoa got brutally honest about Nick Saban recently. The former Alabama star acknowledged that he had grown close to his college coach over time, but that the relationship did not start off that way.

Prior to taking over as a starter, Tagovailoa said that he was treated the same way all the other players were by Saban.

“I would say we didn’t hit it off just like that,” he said. “The relationship I had with Coach Saban was the relationship that any of the other players had on the team. If you wanted to talk to him, he was more than available to talk, but other than that, he was just our coach.”

Things apparently took a turn after Tagovailoa became a starter.

“I would say it kicked off more so when I became the starter of the football team,” he continued.

“I’d spend more time in his office. He wanted more meetings individually with me. And we’d go about talking about things we can do to help the team. What can I say to the team? Just things of that nature.

“That’s sort of when things took off, my sophomore year.”

Many regard Tagovailoa as the greatest quarterback in Crimson Tide history. It will be interesting to see how he performs at the next level.

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