Tristan Thompson Signing With Celtics Or Rockets?

Tristan Thompson Signing With Celtics Or Rockets?

Tristan Thompson Signing With Celtics Or Rockets?

Is Tristan Thompson signing with the Celtics or Rockets?

Fresh on the heels of the NBA trade deadline coming and going, teams are making moves.

Cleveland made one of the more stunning decisions in recent memory by doing a trade with the Detroit Pistons for center Andre Drummond.

It is no so much that Cleveland gave up a ton to acquire Drummond, it is just that the deal does not make a whole lot of sense from any angle.

Drummond has a player option for this offseason, so he could bounce. If he does not bounce, the only reason would be because other teams do not feel like he is worth the price tag he would be asking for. And if that is the case, do the Cavaliers really want to be on the hook for paying him?

Beyond that, Cleveland already has Kevin Love and Thompson up front. Love, in particular, is signed long term. Did they need another big all that badly?

Even if Thompson goes elsewhere this summer, was the Thompson-Love Twin Tower successful enough to warrant another incarnation with Drummond taking Thompson’s place?

It was just an odd move all around.

What the trade did do for Cleveland is that it freed up an opportunity for the team to buy out Thompson – if he was willing to take a buyout.

The problem is, he is not willing.

According to Thompson’s agent, Rich Paul, Thompson has zero interest in bailing Cleveland out for the remainder of his deal.

A lot of people have speculated that Thompson may be open to a buyout, and that he would then go and sign with either Houston or Boston to contend for a title, but that does not appear to be in the cards.

So far this season Thompson has started in all 48 outings and played 31 minutes per.

For his efforts, Thompson still has nearly $19 million  left on his contract.

Former Celtic Paul Pierce recently begged Thompson on ESPN to take the buyout and join his old team.

“Tristan, you are the one player that can put the Boston Celtics over the top,” he said.

“Taking a couple extra less millions is worth it. It’s worth it. … That would put them over the top. That’s just what they need a physical presence, a veteran leader, a champion.”

Thompson would obviously make a lot of sense on a Boston team that desperately needs depth in the front court.

Similarly, Thompson would also do a good job filling the vacancy left behind by Clint Capela being traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

Unfortunately for all involved, it does not appear as though Thompson has any interest in sacrificing a few million to play for a contender that will likely end up losing the championship to one of the two LA teams or the Milwaukee Bucks when it is all said and done.

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