Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa Called Out For Inappropriate Outfit

Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa Called Out For Inappropriate Outfit

Trevor Lawrence’s wife, Marissa, is no stranger to making headlines.

Over the past few months alone Marissa has set the internet ablaze for everything ranging from her provocative girls’ only party photos to her wild vacation pictures to her racy workout snaps.

This week, she did it again.

It all started when Marissa published some photos from a recent party she attended. Instead of getting a unanimously warm response, though – some took exception to her outfit choice.

“Marissa, I am obligated to share that a daughter of the King has no resemblance to your clothing choices,” one fan wrote.

“We are to encourage one another in love and I lovingly encourage you to glorify the King in everything you do, say, and wear. You have such a platform that The Lord has given you….not for you … for Him so that others come to know this King who gave His life for such as this.

“Please don’t lose your way ….what the world offers does not compare to the abundant life with Jesus.”

What is interesting about this comment is that Marissa does in fact seem to be pretty religious in her own right. Her IG profile bio is literally just, “Daughter of the King.” She also talks about her faith quite regularly on social media.

In that respect, it is interesting that some people believe she isn’t practicing what she preaches.

Marissa’s profile has obviously grown substantially over the past few years.

While the Jacksonville Jaguars were objectively very disappointing last season, the year prior to that they made the playoffs and even won a memorable outing against the Los Angeles Chargers.

At the time, it looked like Trevor and the Jags would run roughshod over the AFC South for many seasons to come.

Marissa, by association, looked like a budding Brittany Mahomes-type figure.

It will be interesting to see where all parties involved go from here.

Will Marissa take the criticism he is receiving to heart? Or will she ignore it entirely? One way or another, an answer will reveal itself soon enough.

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