Toronto Maple Leafs Fan’s Encounter With Man Causes A Stir (Video)

Toronto Maple Leafs Fan’s Encounter With Man Causes A Stir (Video)

A Toronto Maple Leafs fan’s encounter with a man at a recent NHL game caused something of a stir within the sports world this weekend.

The incident in question occurred on Friday night when Toronto faced off against the Minnesota Wild.

Minnesota ended up losing the outing, but that isn’t what everyone was left talking about after the fact. Rather, what everyone couldn’t get enough of was an encounter between a female fan and the man beside her.

NHL fans are generally a vocal bunch, so understandably reactions to the situation poured in immediately.

Some took to social media to offer their thoughts.

This has been a crazy week for fans going viral. Between the Philadelphia 76ers fan whose celebration nearly set the internet ablaze and the girl whose encounter with Ja Morant spawned a massive world wide web investigation, it has been one thing after another.

In a lot of ways, this most recent situation is just par for the course.

Since the NHL season isn’t even close to ending, it’s safe to say this probably isn’t the last time something of this nature will occur.

Will another female Leafs fan ultimately go viral at some point in the foreseeable future? Time will tell.

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